Sunday, December 7, 2008

Initial Notes

Kuching history is unique in that it jettisoned from being a backwater province of the last days of the Brunei Sultanate to a modernising town under the dynastic leadership of the British private autocracy in not a too distant past.
In my life I have occasioned Kuching as a student passing by the town on the flights to and fro to study in West Malaysia during the early 70's.
Towards the end of the 70's I worked in Kuching for a very short spell in a unique building reminiscent of the Brookes's era, which housed the Educational Mass Media Services , EMS in brief where I worked as a junior officer. This opportunity of a lifetime made me more involved in the literary and cultural activities of Kuching.
Built in 1909 this building called the 'Pavillion' housed the Educational Mass Media Service section of the Sarawak Education Department in 1978.
Note: Above picture taken in 1909 when it was used as Medical Headquarters.
( Ref: Photo taken from pg.198, British Colonial Rule in Sarawak ( 1946-1963) by Vernon L. Porritt)

Then in the 80's I frequent Kuching and sometimes bypass it in my travels and visits being a senior government officer stationed in Bintulu.
The 1990's were important too for the fact that as a businessman I looked to Kuching as an important source of business procurement.
The years of the new millenium brought me even closer to this capital city of Sarawak in that I have set up home in Kuching.
This blog will chronicle my years in Kuching and hopefully reflect the times and moods of the years gone by and the excitement it is today.

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